A Day in the Life: Lata Chettri- Kennedy


Wise Woman and Flower Shaman Lata Chettri-Kennedy reviews her business’ expenses and interns’ payments. She has owned and operated East 9th Avenue’s Flower Power Herbs and Roots Inc. for the past 24 years, where she sells organically grown herbs, herb extracts and herb-based products. “As much as we can, we are compassionate and respectful to our customers while providing them with as much information as we can, without telling them what to do,” she said. February 23, 2018.



Flower Power’s walls are lined with jars of various bulk herbs and teas, herb extracts, essential oils, and products that range from incense to books about herbalism. Although she is from a family of physicians, Chettri-Kennedy turned to herbal medicine after enduring over a decade of illness. She believes herbal medicine is far more holistic, sustainable, side-effect free and nourishing than its alternative. February 23, 2018.



Focused on the jars in front of her, one of Chettri-Kennedy’s interns talks with a customer about what kind of herb she’d like and how much she’d like to purchase. Each herb produces a different effect when ingested, affecting the consumer in an individual way unique to their person. “Every herb doesn’t do the same thing to everybody,” Chettri-Kennedy said. “They know what to do because they’re our ancestors; we came from plants.” February 23, 2018.



Another of Chettri-Kennedy’s interns ducks behind the front counter in order to pour herself a cup of brewed herbal tea. Flower Power carries over 300 different herbs that can be brewed into “five-minute” teas, infusions, or steeped overnight and made into a tonic. February 23, 2018.



In addition to providing the community with holistically cultivated herbs, Chettri-Kennedy offers workshops on herb cultivation and herbal magick for anyone who’s interested. For those aspiring to become herbalists, Flower Power provides paid internships in order to learn all there is about alternative medicine. February 23, 2018.



One of Flower Power’s regular customers gives Chettri-Kennedy’s intern new extracts and a deck of herb identification cards. Flower Power has thrived due to a group of loyal, regular customers, however, over the past several years Chettri-Kennedy has noticed an increase in clientele. “People are coming back to the old ways, living with and in cahoots with nature,” said Chettri-Kennedy. February 23, 2018.

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